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Please note all prices below are guidelines only and final costs depend on the size, coat condition/type and behaviour of your dog.

The Full Groom

This package includes a health check, pre-bath brush out to remove any knot, bath and blow dry, all clipping, trimming and scissoring required for the specific breed. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are also included. Prices from:

Small dog £38

Medium dog £45

Large dog £50

X-Large/Specialist £65

Bath & Blow Dry

A massaging bath to clean the skin and remove excess hair followed by a blast of the drier with nail trimming and ear cleaning. 

P rices from:

Small dog £28

Medium dog £35

Large dog £40

X-Large/Specialist £55

Puppy Intro

Getting puppies used to the grooming process at a young age is very important and will ensure that the grooming process is thought of as a fun day out. 

Puppy package includes a free first visit to check out the grooming room, followed by a second visit for a  gentle bath with natural puppy shampoo,  introduction to the hair dryer, light  nail clipping and a  very light trim just to take away fly away/stray hair (tidy up) and remove hair from the eye area if the puppy is still happy.

£25/30 only valid for puppies up to 6 months old.


Your dog will have their nails trimmed, then a professional all natural  paw balm will be applied to soothe dry cracked pads and to relieve itching that  usually occurs after walking near nettles or pollen.


Hand stripping

Hand stripping is a specialist service and can only be achieved on certain breeds, mainly terriers and some gundogs.

The hand stripping process involves removing the wiry top layer of coat to leave  the soft undercoat.  As this is a specialised and time consuming  process prices start from £45 

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